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Roth Cornet

Afterbuzz TV‘s Roth Cornet joins me this week to talk about a very important episode in the history of modern Doctor Who.

I know it has been a few weeks since my last episode but hopefully this episode will more than make up for it because I think it is fantastic. I met Roth at San Diego Comic Con this year and we immediately hit it off over our love of all things Who. We decided right off the bat that we wanted to talk about this series 5 2-parter because of the important part it played in not only the larger Doctor Who mythology but behind the scenes of the show as well. It is definitely a fun chat that goes a little astray in places but is very entertaining.

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  1. Anonymous

    The line was also referenced in the first episode of the fifth series, ” The Eleventh Hour “, when the Eleventh Doctor ( Matt Smith ) scans the crack in young Amelia Pond ‘s (Caitlin Blackwood) wall with his sonic screwdriver.

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