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Chip the Two-minute Time Lord

I suspect Chip gave a listen to the “End of Time” episode and felt moved to action enough come on the podcast and lay down some very strong pro-RTD statements.

I have to say despite my Moffat fanboyism and Chip’s RTD fanboyism we don’t disagree with quite as much as he or I (or you the listeners) were probably thinking that we would. We still have a lively discussion though and I think Chip makes a very strong case for not dismissing the series 4 finale quite as easily as a lot of people do.

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  1. Any more mad man with a Box coming out? If you need a guest I could nominate myself. I hope everything is okay with you physically. Anyhow I love the podcast.

    • Stephen Prescott

      Thanks! More coming for sure. Stay tuned.

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