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The Snowmen Review with Ewan Anderson

Ewan joined me all the way from Scotland to talk about this year’s Christmas special and as always we had a blast!

This episode can barely be called a review. I feel like there was so much I wanted to cover and talk about in regards to “The Snowmen” but I’m pretty sure you all would be bored by that 3 hour episode. It was just that good in my eyes. Luckily Ewan agreed and the two of us just gush in this episode. I hope you enjoy our ramblings as much as we enjoyed recording them. Also listen to the end for a very special announcement!

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  1. Deryck Kennedy

    hi guys, i throughly enjoyed this special. i it feel like a a christmas special, but i have come to feel that this is how they wanted it to be. The Doctor is in a very dark place, in the prequels he’s almost like scrooge. So what kind of christmas could he have without the Ponds? ultimately it is a great special, action, drama etc. its got it all.

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