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More New Series Big Finish!

Big Finish have announced that more new series characters and aliens than you can shake a sonic screwdriver at are coming to their audio range…including the Doctor’s wife herself River Song! (We can thank Steven Moffat for that one in particular) We can’t even begin to contain our excitement at this news so let’s just jump into the details.

Doom Coalition 2

Four boxsets will be released across 2016 and will begin with Alex Kingston as River Song popping up with the 8th Doctor in Doctor Who: Doom Coalition 2. But how can River help the Doctor if this incarnation never met her you might ask? We’re as in the dark as you are, but all we can hope is that Alex Kingston and Paul McGann do share some scenes because it is a pairing that sounds absolutely perfect.

The idea of River meeting previous Doctors was actually proposed by Steven Moffat,” says producer David Richardson, “and it’s just irresistible, isn’t it? Alex embraced the idea of returning to the role, and so she will be starring in no less than two box sets next year. And yes, we are still pinching ourselves!


That story will be followed later in the year by the 4 hour epic adventure Doctor Who: The Diary of River Song which will follow River as she seeks out “the secret rulers of the universe.” Paul McGann as the 8th Doctor will be popping up inthe last installment for more 8th Doctor/River fun


Also announced was Doctor Who: The Churchill Years. Convention and fan favorite Ian McNeice will reprise his role as Winston Churchill and tell the stories of his adventures with the 9th, 10th and 11th Doctors over 4 hours. Rather excitingly, one of those stories will take place during the 2010 Christmas special “A Christmas Carol” and feature Danny Horn once again playing Kazran Sardick.


Lastly, and I have to say possibly the most exciting part, Big Finish announced what exec producer Jason Haigh-Ellery is calling “the ultimate mash-up.” It’s Doctor Who: Classic Doctors, New Monsters. The 5th Doctor will battle the Weeping Angels, the 6th Doctor will encounter the Judoon, the 7th Doctor will meet the Sycorax and the 8th Doctor will face the Sontarans on the “edge of the Time War.” You may squee if you’d like.

All 4 boxsets will be released in 2016 and are available for pre-order now. Doom Coalition 2 will be released in February and is also available in the Doom Coalition Bundle of all four boxsets. The other 3 boxsets will be priced at £20 for CD or download and are part of the Doctor Who New Series Bundle.



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