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Episode Commentary: Hell Bent


This is it dear listeners, the incredible series 9 finale. We find it difficult to make any criticisms about this episode, but we still had a lot of fun talking over it!

Also, series 10 news and Stephen eats crow on a touchy subject.


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  1. Sofia

    You should definitely read the full dwm interview with moffat (digital subscriptions available in us via pocketmags) or at least the sizable chunks excepted at doctorwho.tv.com because he actually does give some hints as to how bill will be different from previous companions and his comments on diversity should be read with full context and nuance. Also he basically confirms he’s doing s10 so that Chris chibnall can fulfill his commitment to broadchurch.

    • Stephen Prescott

      Thanks for the tip Sofia! I knew I should have finished reading before I opened my mouth. 🙂

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