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Episode Commentary: Heaven Sent



This is it dear listeners, the penultimate episode of series 9. What say Lauren and Stephen of Peter Capaldi’s single-handed tour de force that some are calling the best episode since the series reboot? I think you can probably guess what they thought, but give it a listen anyway!

Also, stay for the end where Lauren reviews Stephen’s latest Doctor Who related purchase.


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  1. Sarah

    Unfortunately, there’s a problem with the file. There’s no sound, whichever app I use to try to listen to it. *sigh*

    • Stephen Prescott

      Apologies for that Sarah. It should be working now.

      • Sarah

        Oh, good, that did work. Thanks!

  2. Fitzgerald

    The painting resets because The Doctor added that and it wasn’t there originally, Moffat said in DWM that one of the Doctors got sad or bored and painted it and hung it up (You’re welcome Lauren).
    From then on it was in the room, just slowly aging.

    • Stephen Prescott

      I assume you mean it doesn’t reset but that’s a good explanation.

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