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Console Room Chat – Oh Vienna!

It’sssssss the MMWAB review of “Cold War”…and now that joke has run its course.

So did the return of the Ice Warriors (well really an Ice Warrior) get our temperatures rising? What are our theories on Clara three episodes in? When will you get to hear Ewan and I sing “Back for Good?” Some of these questions and others are answered within. Listen and enjoy!


  1. Not another Gap year!!! I am excited about Hide. Cold Year was good, but not great. It felt too short. It was 41 minutes long… The question I want answered that no one seems to be asking is who is going to be the show runner when Moffat leaves? I think season 8 will be his final year. Who is going to take over? I am not excited about Gatiss if that is the case… and I shudder if it is Chris Chiball. Perhaps this is why he has so many show runners writing for him to try to find a replacement for himself.

  2. Shane

    Not trying to be Pedantor here, but there was a huge factual error in your statements concerning the lack of Russian accents for the Russians on the subs. In “The Curse of Fenric”, all of the Russian soldiers spoke with Russian accents. Similarly, in “Delta and the Bannermen”, the American CIA agents spoke with American accents. Those are at least two examples of non-British accents by supporting characters.

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