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Console Room Chat – Never Have to Wait for Breakfast

It’s the MadMan review of “The Bells of Saint John!”

New Doctor Who is here! Sorry for a bit of weirdness with the sound on this one folks, but it was recorded whilst I am in England and for some reason that made Ewan sound like he was recording in some kind of tunnel stretching between Los Angeles and London.

Anyway, before getting into our episode review, we talk quite a bit about all of the news and spoilers coming out fast and furious regarding the the 50th anniversary episode and then dive right into “The Bells of Saint John.” The usual gushing and conflicted feelings regarding Steven Moffat are ever present of course. Let me reiterate though, lost of spoilers and speculation going on in this episode so if you want to go into the next year fresh, you may want to point your ears elsewhere. But if you want to get excited about everythign 2013 holds for us please listen away and as always enjoy!

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