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[Updated!] Doctor Who Funko Pop Vinyl News and Review

UPDATE: Funko have announced another SDCC Doctor Who pop vinyl and it is fantastic! Have a look at the 11th Doctor in his purple outfit with Handles!


Here at MadMan, we’ve managed to avoid the Funko Pop phenomenon despite strong temptation from the tiny, dead-eyed moppets. But we were rendered utterly helpless by the launch of the Doctor Who line and dashed off to our local Hot Topic to scoop up our favorite Docs to review. Now comes word from Funko that they will be selling an exclusive 12th Doctor in spacesuit at SDCC this year, 9-12 July.


According to Funko, unlike previous years, they will not be offering pre-orders on their SDCC exclusives in “an effort to provide more product to Con-goers.” We’re not sure how we feel about this. SDCC exclusives are notoriously difficult to acquire and this move looks to be making this figure no different. We’ll be on hand at SDCC so check back after the con to see how we faired.

Here are our reviews of the figures currently available:IMG_1062


I resisted the allure of these bobble-headed little trinkets for so long with the knowledge that once I started I would never be able to stop. Funk seems to hold the license for everything from Back to the Future to Guardians of the Galaxy so you can imagine how quickly this could spiral out of control. You may think I’m exaggerating, but the 5 different Doctor Who pop vinyls (and the two X-Files ones) sitting on my shelf say otherwise. It begins…

Sadly though, I was not able to find the Hot Topic exclusive 12th Doctor with spoon and standard 11th Doctor that I was looking for, but I did manage to pick up an 11th Doctor with fez, 10th Doctor with 3D glasses, standard 10th Doctor, standard 4th Doctor, and standard 12th Doctor.

These guys are simply adorable. I tend to be slightly myopic when I review toys such as these and focus on the little details. But I honestly believe that it is the little details that best show off how much a manufacturer cares about it’s product. In this area, the pop vinyls do not disappoint.

The 4th Doctor figure really captures the essence of Tom Baker’s fun playful side. They got the 10th Doctor’s suit colors correct depending on the 3D glasses or non 3D glasses version. Capaldi’s eyebrows perfectly capture the attack stance of the real life brows, but what may have got me most of all is the lack of eyebrows on the 11th Doctor! Matt Smith’s eyebrows are very light and almost non-existent so this was a nice touch on the part of Funko.


I picked up the Hot Topic exclusive 11th Doctor with fez and mop. I’ve always been a sucker for variants, but his lil’ fez just sold me on it. The sculpt is great; lots of nice detail work on the shoes and it really captures 11’s character despite the standard Funko stare. I would have liked to see his part a little closer to the side of his head, but it’s a terribly fanboyish complaint.

Sadly though, the paint apps are incredibly sloppy. Like, kissing a Zygon sloppy. They made some slightly bizarre coloring choices too. Do you remember the episode where 11 wears purple pants? Was he taking the TARDIS to a Grateful Dead show? It’s specially odd given that the standard edition has the more appropriate grey pants.

Overall, they’re cute addition to your desk / dashboard / console room. We give these 5 1/2 Keys to Doomsday.


  1. I have an extra 12th Doctor with a spoon…I would be willing to sell it

    • Stephen Prescott

      Thanks! I was able to pick one up though.

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