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Asylum of the Daleks Review with Alan Kistler

The long wait is over! “Doctor Who” has returned to our screens with a fantastic season opener chock full of surprises and of course


  1. Fembreck

    Did you not see the 5 Pond life short clips on the lead up to episode 1? That hinted at trouble with Amy and Rory.

    I thought Oswin being capable of “fixing” everything was more setup and payoff rather than deus ex machina. You were supposed to think deus ex machina and then get the payoff when you realise what she is.

    I loved that whole exchange about the beauty of hate and maybe that was the reason they were not able to kill him, and I love that they called the Doctor “The predator”

    • Stephen Prescott

      I did watch Pond Life and aside from the last one, there really weren’t any hints that anything was wrong with the Pond’s marriage. To be honest I thought those POnd Life shorts were pretty terrible.

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